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  5. "The sun is big."

"The sun is big."

Translation:सूरज बड़ा है ।

December 4, 2019



Why isn't this सूरज बड़ा होता है ? It seems like it is an eternal truth that the sun is big.


Both should be accepted. There is only one sun so there is no generalisation required which is why we can drop the होता but as you say, it is a universal truth which is why it is also not wrong to include it.


Great clarification. Thanks vinay.


Is सूरज बड़े हैं wrong


Yes. बड़े is used only when the subject is plural.

Note: When used with people, it can be used even when we are referring to a single person Eg: मेरे पापा बड़े है। but this is because when we are being respectful, the words referring to certain people are treated as if they were plural.

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