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  5. "my neighbor George"

"my neighbor George"

Translation:جاري جورْج

December 4, 2019



i don't understand why this isn't translated as, "my neighbor is George." How would you say in Arabic, "my neighbor is George?"


جاري جورج :) this is one way though, but because "George" is a definite name, and in Arabic the second word in a noun based sentence should be indefinite, we include a pronoun before it... جاري "هو" جورج


The phrase جاري جورج can officially mean both "my neighbor George" and "My neighbor is George" because both parts of the phrase are definite, although it is generally used to express the former. In order to emphasize that you want to say "My neighbor is George", you can introduce a pronoun between the two part of the sentence جاري هو جورج

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