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  5. "Tha reòthadh ann a-nis."

"Tha reòthadh ann a-nis."

Translation:There is frost now.

December 4, 2019



The pronounciation of reòthadh varies in two recordings. Is this just regional/accent variations?


Probably yes. Going by the fact that I pronounce it the way the woman does I'm going to go with that one as being better though.


In some dialects this word has a short o. And, as is often the case, the th may sound like h or be silent.


my Gaelic dictionary spells it reothadh with no accent.


The way this sentence is colored makes it look like reòthadh ann is a single phrase.


Changing the order. Is it possible to translate as, "Now there is frost"?


Why was "There is A frost now?" not correct?


I'd like to know too!


I dont understand when 'ann' is accepted as 'out' and when it isn't. In a previous question it accepted 'there is snow out', but now I am marked incorrect when i write 'there is frost out now'


It doesn't usually mean 'out'. Either it was an error or Duolingo was being generous.


I am getting angry. This sentence is coming up again and again, whereas other sentences and words, which I need to really practise much more, do not come up at all. The algorithm really sucks in these repetitions. Too much of the same sentences, not enough of other ones.


I'm never sure if it is the algorithm that is choosing the same sentences. I suspect that there just aren't enough sentences in the database.

Of course, if Duolingo were able to create new sentences from a vocabulary list that would be a different story.


There was a Duolingo bug a while ago, which would serve up the same sentence over and over and over in a lesson. "Keine Ahnung" was the oddly apt phrase for me. If you've reason to think there's a bug, report it by clicking the little flag, and choose "something else went wrong." Or if you speak fluent techie bug-report-speak, as I do, it's worth digging down through the menus at the bottom of their web page and finding their actual bug report form.


Unfortunately the mods who read the 'reports' can do nothing about bugs. You have to use the 'report' button for issues to do with the actual questions, such as audio, grammar, incorrect translation, wrong words offered, etc. but the bug report form for software issues. The form is at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Unfortunately I believe there is no recorded case where they have put a bug right that has been reported in the last year. If anyone does have an example, please post, but otherwise I think you are wasting your time.


Just wondering if I'm understanding correctly the "Tha xx ann" construction. And also "Chan eil xx ann". It's brand new to me (and I haven't found the notes yet).

Am I right to assume that the "ann" (there) attaches to the verb in this construction? So that "Tha xx ann" would be "xx is there" or less literally, "xx exists"?

If I understand it correctly, the "ann" modifies the verb, and without it, "Tha xx" would be an incomplete thought, saying that "xx is (doing something)" so the "ann" is needed to close the verb. Also, "Chan eil xx ann" for "xx is not there". Or, really, for both constructions, even though the literal translation is "there" I suspect the idiomatic translation to English would work somewhat better as "xx is here (or not here)".

So.... Does all this sound correct or am I reading too far into this?

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