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Hind "cu" and "cū"

So I was doing an exercise recently and I realised that there is actually no difference in the audio samples for "cu" and "cū". Are the developers aware of this? I've been confronted with the problem a few times and you literally just have to guess between the two. It's not exactly a huge problem, but it bothers me getting questions wrong when the only two answers are identical, yano?

Anyone else having the same proble?

December 4, 2019



I made the same comment a short time ago, and I'm sure there were many others before. In my case, I get it in an example where the Hindi letter is shown so I can answer correctly with no guess.

The other common one (identical pronunciations) is श śa and ष ṣa. This one I can't guess since it's only vocalized...but the answer is always श śa, so technically no guess there either.

[edit] I just got your example a couple times. the answer is always cū

[deactivated user]

    I don't do hindi, but you should probably tell Duolingo that. You can email them, I guess.

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