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  5. "She is understanding."

"She is understanding."

Translation:Tha i a' tuigsinn.

December 4, 2019



Presumably this means, "She understands", but does it also mean "understanding" as in an adjective to describe her personality?


not in this form. In this form it's a verb.

I'm probably spelling this wrong but I would probably say "tha i lèirsinneach" for personality.

lèirsinn is another word that means understanding. You could probably also say tuigseach for what you are meaning.


Yes, "she understands" is a better translation imo. Gaelic has no non-progressive present verbs other than "be", so the simple present tense in English of any other verb is always progressive in Gaelic.

"Tuigseach" would be "understanding" as an adjective.

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