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New Scottish Gaelic Course

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask how the new Scottish Gaelic course is? Because if it's good I'd like to start it.


December 4, 2019



I really like this course but I am horrendously biased.


Well it's still in beta, so still a work in progress. But that aside it's very good.


Love this course! Why don’t you try it and see? I find languages quite personal. Didn’t get along so well with the Irish Gaelic (though I’ll probably give it another try), Welsh was OK for me but the Scots Gaelic I’m totally loving. I think we all have a good feel for different languages - although I would say this one is particularly nicely written. Unlike the endless drunk parrots in the Latin course the humour is there but not too in your face and I’ve found the notes and tips more useful than those with most courses. But your best bet is probably just to try a few lessons and see if you like it.

[deactivated user]

    I like it so far! You should try it. It's better than a couple other courses I've tried here.


    I personally like this course.


    Haven't tried it yet, but I am wondering when it will come out for iOS and Android? I don't update the app anymore and Duolingo now adds new courses to the apps without app updates.

    I took a peek and the course itself is pretty short. But I think it will be expanded later on.


    I really like this course , and I'm not in the slightest bit biased. :)

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