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"How are you, Andrew and Iain?"

Translation:Ciamar a tha sibh Anndra agus Iain?

December 5, 2019



Is sibh a singular and plural 2nd person pronoun?


Plural and formal singular, informal singular is 'thu' (like eg French vous - tu, or German Sie - du).


Why do we need the "a"? Why isn't it "Ciamar tha sibh Anndra agus Iain?"


'Ciamar' is one of a few words which need a 'relative construction', which in the present tense is shown by the 'a' *. It would also appear in the past tense in front of other verbs, eg 'Ciamar a fhuair thu an-seo?' = How did you get here? In the future there's a special tense for it, the 'relative future', but I won't trouble you with that for now ;-).

  • However if the verb is 'is', it gets amalgamated with the 'a' into 'as' (a + is -> as): 'Ciamar as e leisgeul a tha seo?' = How is this an apology?
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