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  5. "Oh dear, this is my husband."

"Oh dear, this is my husband."

Translation:Obh obh, seo an duine agam.

December 5, 2019



Has some misfortune befallen him?


Or the next sentence is "It's not what it looks like! I swear!"


Why is it "an duine"? Would "Seo duine agam" be correct? Could you also say "Tha seo duine agam"?


duine = a man, so "seo duine agam" would be "this is A husband of mine/at me", as if the speaker had more than one; therefore, assuming that the person only has one, is has to be "this is THE husband of mine/at me". Not sure about your second question, though - I'm tending to equate seo and sin with voici and voilà respectively, i.e. including the verb, as it were. (I think you've also done French??)


I think you basically always use the article in this phrase, you'd probably say "seo an càr agam" even if you had three. (I'm not a native speaker though, I may be wrong.)


Why not 'mo duine'? Wouldnt this be an inalienable possession and would follow the same rules as other family members?


you can use mo dhuine yes


According to this page http://www.akerbeltz.org/index.php?title=Possessives_and_syllabic_structure_or_Ar_n-Athair_a_tha_air_n%C3%A8amh "duine" is alienable and you don't say "mo dhuine" (although you do say "mo bhean" and "mo chèile", not "a' bhean / an cèile agam").


"an duine aig" is the common form of this structure? (an duine agad / an duine aige / aice) ? Could this also be expressed with "bean": an bhean agam / agad / aige / aice?


Yes, but because "bean" is feminine it gets lenited, "a' bhean agam &c".


Although, actually you say "mo bhean" not "a' bhean agam".


It's interesting how a husband is viewed as an alienable possession (an ... aig) and a wife or child is inalienable (mo).


the second òbh sholud not have a capital letter


I don't understand when to use tha with seo and sin. In this one you're not allowed to use tha but in a different one to say that is tasty you have to use it.


Mt understanding is that seo/sin are used alone when you're presenting something, not describing it. (There might be notes on this but I'm on mobile.)


When does òbh òbh have accents and when does it not?

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