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  5. "Tha mi à Inbhir Nis."

"Tha mi à Inbhir Nis."

Translation:I am from Inverness.

December 5, 2019



So glad to hear a speaker use “inner nish” like a local instead of the formal “inver nish”! I remember telling a native speaker from Lewis that I was headed to Inverness the next day and he said, “here we call it inner nish”


Keep your finger on the letter.


I am having a horrible time understanding this guys recordings in particular...


The audio is very bad. It is muffled and unclear, just what is not needed for someone trying to learn how to speak the language properly. It is in marked contrast to the Irish course where the audio is a delight.


Is Inverness a place?


Inverness is the largest town in the Scottish Highlands - known as the 'Capital of the Highlands'. Well worth a visit in my opinion.


One of my good friends was born in Inverness. He lives in America now, but he says the Highlands will always be his home.


I do not know how to put the accent in Gaelic


For English/gàdhlig keyboard layout, press the key left to 1 and then the vowel you want accented.

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