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  5. "Chan eil i cho garbh."

"Chan eil i cho garbh."

Translation:It is not so rough.

December 5, 2019



I am wondering if "cho" can mean "very" as well as "so"?


Very is gle (acute accent over the "e"), never so


How will you know if "i" means it or she


Context. If the subject is the weather, i is it; if the subject is, say, me, i is she.


Does "Garbh" only refer to the weather? Or can it also refer to a surface?


Wiktionary says "rough as in a rough surface", and doesn't even mention the weather. (Haven't found any other English-to-Gaelic online dictionaries or apps yet, they're all Gàidhlig to English.) https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/garbh


Garbh is interesting. The Irish epenthesis is a schwa, and comes out as gar^v, but I hear a distinct A in garav. Is this general, or just with this word?


It depends on the speaker's accent. In some dialects it's a schwa whereas in others it can be a reflection of the main vowel that preceded it.


I always think of it in terms of the way many Scottish people pronounce "warm", with an extra syllable stuck in between the R and M (Waw-rum).


What is the pronunciation difference between "garbh" and "gaothach" ? Thank you!


My understanding is that "garbh" is pronounced phonetically (as close as I can get some the nuances) as "Ga-rebv", where "gaothach" is said closer to "Gao-ach"

"th" is silent so far as I can tell, and "bh" has a 'BV' sound to it.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in, but maybe I've helped a bit!

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