"Tam bene olet!"

Translation:It smells so good!

December 5, 2019

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I thought "olet" was a 3rd person conjugation, so I decided to try "She smells so good", but it was rejected and the "correct" solution was reported as "It smells so good". Can anyone clarify? It seems reasonable that this could mean "He/she smells so good"


Interesting! In my second round I tried "He smells so good" and it passed. This clearly a gender discrimination ;)


Gender discrimination... or just still in beta


How good it smells!


With the implied subjects, how do you know that it's "It smells so good" and not "He smells so good" or even "He smells so well"?


Context, but since we have stand alone sentences here, we don't know the context. Is the person sniffing a loaf of bread or did their crush just walk by.

Without context all 3rd person singular pronouns are correct.

Smells well would be incorrect, that would mean he/she/it is good at smelling, not that they have a nice scent. Oleo is only intransitive not transitive. In English you could use smell in both cases (emitting a scent and picking up a scent) but not in Latin. (I believe it's olefacio for the transitive translation of smell)

Unless it is an English problem and you have difficulties with knowing when to use good or well. I'll leave that explanation for someone else.


Why not "smells so good"?


Because that has no subject


Is there any connection between Latin olet and Finnish olet?


No, finnish olet means you are/have. The Latin oleo is related to odor (sometimes d's become l's in words).


"How well he/she smells" could describe a talented wine taster....

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