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  5. "A bheil am fìon agad?"

"A bheil am fìon agad?"

Translation:Do you have the wine?

December 5, 2019



The audio sounds so much like A bheil am fìon againn. Struggled to tell it was agad.


I didn't hear "agad" either. Or "againn". It just sounded like "a" after "fìon". I got confused and thought we were starting in on new plurals or genitives.


Agreed, this was very clipped - I guessed wrong. :(


"Have you got the wine" is marked wrong.


Did you report it as "should be accepted". I got caught with that too. It's hard for the volunteers to think of every possibility, and I think the system doesn't (yet) recognise the uses of "got" meaning "have/had". They'll sort it some time if folk keep reporting. :)

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