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How can I contribute to the beta as a learner?

I am so excited to learn Scots Gaelic. I have never done beta testing with anything before, but I have a good background in proofreading and line editing. How can I contribute to the beta testing for the language here? Do I use the report button for things like a new word not being colored? Do I point that out in the discussion of the sentence? What about other quirks, like when one of the words in a word bank doesn´t have audio? Thanks.

December 5, 2019



Not sure how much I've been helping the contributors, but I've been trying to do my bit by using different acceptable translations of words and seeing if it accepts them, and using the report function if not. For example writing "it is" instead of "he is" when it asks you to translate "tha e" just to see if it takes both.


Yep, this really helps! We tried to have as many of those as we could before the course was released, but inevitably some fall through the cracks.



Normally in Beta testing stage by users/learners - you can just point out if audio is not audile or the audio file is missing.

Experienced speakers of the target language can point out errors or improvement suggestions

Besides that you can help by asking good questions in the forum which may help you and many other learners


Report anything that is an error, missing/poor audio, or valid translations that are rejected. Posting on the forums won't actually notify the creators of an error, so you have to use the flag button when you answer questions.


Let me just say that it's an extremely good course for a Beta. Better than some alphas. There are one or two "type what you hear" exercises where there is too big a gap between sentences, and once you start typing, it cuts it off. That's not a big deal and it's probably because I'm going through the course too fast.

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