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  5. "I do not have a shoe on."

"I do not have a shoe on."

Translation:Chan eil bròg orm.

December 5, 2019



When I moused over the first part of the sentence, It showed Chan eil ... agam as meaning I do not have ... , so I wrote Chan eil agum brog orm (yes, I misspelled it), but it marked me wrong and said there is no agam in it.

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Agam is possessive, and in this context the 'I don't have' is more stating that something isn't there rather than you possesing something. Were that something there it would be 'on' you. On is the operative word, it's why there's the prepositional pronoun orm = air (on) + mi (I/me).

As for why Duolingo says what it says, I don't know, because it's in beta maybe?

Hope this helps


This is really helpful, I couldn't understand why I didn't need to put mi in the sentence somewhere when it had been so necessary earlier until I read your comment.

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Taing dhut! I'm glad my comment was helpful.


This panel didn' show th words to choose nor could i type them

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