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Difference "is" and "agus"

In a few sentences (e.g. "That is Effie and big Archie." - "Sin Oighrig is Eairdsidh mòr") "is" is used as "and, while in most other sentences so far "agus" was used. Can somebody explain the difference to me? Chers

December 5, 2019



Nothing major. Both is and 's are reduced forms of agus in the context you're asking about (though they can be something else too).

They essentially represent how agus is shortened in casual speech, so in more formal contexts agus is maybe more likely, but there are also some situations where you'd conventionally go for a contracted version by default.

e.g. "air sgàth 's gu bheil" ("for the reason that") would not often be rendered "air sgàth agus gu bheil" (but it could be).

Pairs of things/people tend to get is too, e.g. "Calum is Màiri", a bit like using an ampersand in a way, though you'd probably avoid that in more formal writing and go for agus.

When you're just dropping a random "and" into a sentence, it's maybe a little more likely to be agus, but it definitely could be is or 's.


Thank you for that helpful reply. "Agus" is odd in that it's a word for "and" that has two syllables, which seems unusual to me. To an English speaker it seems to stick out in a Gaelic sentence, often as the only word you understand. It's easy to see why it would be abbreviated or elided over in normal speech.


Haha, ikr. Whenever I listen to the radio, it is always the most noticeable


They are interchangeable. 's for "and" is just a shortened form of "agus".


I suppose he is talking about " is " and not apostrophe s ( 's )

Is "is" = "agus" ?


In this case yes.

Agus can be shortened to is, which in turn can be shortened to 's


Check out this bilingual dictionary


Both agus & is - don't seem to be exactly translatable to "and".

Some experts may explain with better examples... I hope!


Tha is this and agus means and if I am correct

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