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Question about speed button

On other Duolingo language courses there are two audio buttons - one at normal speed and one slower so that you can listen carefully to the pronunciation. This course does not appear to have that and I am struggling to differentiate some words. Can the buttons be remedied?

December 5, 2019



The slow button only functions on courses using computer-generated voices. The slow button has not been made available for the courses where the contributors record their own voices. It would be nice if Duolingo would make that option available for these courses, as well, but so far they have not announced any such intention. My best suggestion is to report the lack of a slow option with a bug report and maybe the programmers will see that it should be a priority.


Thanks. That is a helpful response. I will follow your advice.


Well, IMHO, is very difficult to do that at the beta stage.

Other languages use different technologies to make that happen. So, may be sometime in the future Scottish Gaelic course may get that.

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