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"Samia is a good American doctor."

Translation:سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة جَيِّدة.

December 5, 2019



This one was long long long


How do.you know Samia's gender???


some names are always feminine, or always masculine. Samyah, because it is an adjective that ends with "ta ة" it is always feminine. This is a very common rule, but again, some exceptions do exist. Like Arafah, masculine name :)


The word سامية = Samia is a feminine name; it literally mean "a sublime woman".


What are the rules for adjective order in Arabic? In English we say "good American doctor" and we can't say "American good doctor", and there are hosts of similar rules. (See https://www.grammar-monster.com/lessons/order_of_adjectives.htm ). Now here it might be possible to say "doctor American good" or "doctor good American"; "doctor good American" got marked down, so I'm guessing that you can only say "doctor American good". Is this true? (I can't find anything about this in the Arabic grammars which I have.)

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