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Duolingo XP Point Tracking Set Points for students monitoring their progress

Duolingo would make my day if they provided a way for students to set start periods to keep track of their points instead of an all-time points accumulation. If anyone knows of a way to do this, please inform me.

My students are always asking me their points and I post a weekly excel spreadsheet of their points using the pick a date range. Unfortunately, the pick a date range is not reliable after 3 months or so, so I am stitching together 2 excel files to fit the semester time period. It is a lot of extra work for me when it could be so simple of a solution on the programming side of Duolingo.

Just put the programming effort into this like Duolingo does with lingots (not important to me as an educator) and students and educators will have a very important and useful learning tool. Thanks

December 5, 2019

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A very popular workaround

Let them check their personal statistics in third party website duome.eu in the browser of their phone, tablet or other device:

Yours are in:

After finishing your lessons in Duolingo:

  • refresh your personal web pages in Duome

  • tap the grey [RAW] data icon, to see your XP.

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