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  5. "I am going out now."

"I am going out now."

Translation:Tha mi a' dol a-mach a-nis.

December 5, 2019



I love the rhythm of this sentence. It sounds like a children's rhyme except it doesn't rhyme. :)


This was a word block question. There was no word block for a' nor for ' (alone) -- but I got a correction for a spelling error with a' dol underlined! I really think Duolingo needs to resolve the punctuation issue! However it is correct grammar to have required the a' as noted in other posts -- and Duolingo needs to have word blocks for ' or for a' or maybe both because a' + verbal noun and a + verbal noun have two different meanings. (as noted previously by other learners)


I just started using the keyboard option instead of the word bank. It works perfectly with the Gboard Scottish Gaelic keyboard.


How do you switch of the word bank? Can I turn it off on my Android app?


You can only do it via the website, sadly.


It's been a known bug with DuoLingo for years; unfortunately the mods of the course can't do anything about it.

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