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Arabic Movies with English Subtitles

Here is one I found very enjoyable. It was produced by Iran with a $50M budget.

It is about the prophet Muhammad and the production is top notch. It reminds me of the old Charlton Heston move "the ten commandments". Although I am not religious I have been learning a lot from studying the Qu'ran and find so many commonalities between the Torah, Bible and Qu'ran.

Muhammad: The messenger of God

December 5, 2019



oh i love that one The messenger of God has great fight scenes i watched that one with my whole family


Yes! It is an incredible production. The charging elephants, the scenes of the village, the circling birds...

And the voices are so clear it is perfect for those of us practicing pronunciation and listening skills.


I love this movie :)


There is also a series produced in Iran called "المختار الثقفي" it is well produced and fun to watch, although I'm not sure if there are English subtitles to it. But I think you can find it online.


I watch a lot of Arab movies with my dad there is one show called kabir ahluwalia and a movie called Kabir


Great movie, will watch on YT w the subs, thx!


السلام عليكم كيف حالكم


وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته، الحمدلله:) ماذا عنك؟


Your link is disabled by Youtube do to a copyright claim. :)

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