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  5. "Sacrificare potestis."

"Sacrificare potestis."

Translation:You can sacrifice.

December 5, 2019



Sacrificāre from sacer (“sacred”) +‎ -ficō (“I do, make”) • [ sacra gentīlicia, [sacra familiaria - private rites of family, clan ] • sacra municipalia - municipal sacred rites ] • [ Sacrāmentum the sacred oath, vow, pledge or bond, rendering the swearer as sacer, sacred - given to the gods • [ Sacrāmentum - A sum of money deposited in pledge by two individuals involved in a suit. The money of the loser in the suit was applied to religious purposes. • (military) An oath of allegiance. ] • [ sacrātiō an act of consecration, dedication ] • [ sacrārium place for sacred objects ] • [ Sacrōsānctus - inaugurated or consecrated with religious ceremonies, fixed or decreed as inviolable, sacred, sacrosanct, (by extension) most holy, sacred or venerable • From the Ablative of sacrum (“holy, sacred object, place or act”) + sānctus (“consecrated, sacred”) ]

potestispossepossum • From potis (“able, capable”) + sum (“I am”)


There is no "all" in the Latin!


Old Latin text books often used"you all" to distinguish the plural"you" from the singular one.


Not in any I have seen. "You" is the plural of "you".


Thou dost ignore the seldom used singular of "you".


would be "omnes" I think... at least there's a latin hymn about "omnes gentes"


bad grammar alert! "You all can..." This might be correct in the US but in the UK it's "You can all...." I should not be marked wrong for this. Starting to get fed up now with the Americancentric slant of this site and getting marked wrong for using correct English. Its the same on the Spanish Course... they use the Spanish Flag but it's all South American and you constantly get marked wrong for using Spanish Spanish.


It will accept the sentence without the all. I just double checked with the incubator.

The course uses American English by default. If a British English answer is not accepted, you can use the Report Button.

The Spanish course uses Latin American Spanish. European Spanish answers are largely accepted.


So said the angry priests at the parrot.

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