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"Is toil leam uisge-beatha gu mòr."

Translation:I like whisky a lot.

December 5, 2019



Is there any difference between "idir" and "gu mòr"?


Idir = at all (used in these exercises with cha toil leam to say "I don't like at all") Gu mòr = a lot (as in "I like a lot")


Excellent question! 'Idir' means 'at all', so it would be used to say 'Cha toil leam uisge beatha idir(I do not like whiskey at all)', whereas, 'gu mòr' means 'a lot', so it would be used to say something like ' Is toil leam uisge (I like water a lot)'. They do mean similar things, but they do have a difference and are not interchangeable.


On the previous screen for "Is toil leum rìs gu mòr" I messed up and hit a wrong key, so it comes up with "you have a typo in your answer" and it showed the right answer as 'S toil leum rìs gu mòr

So I thought that maybe that was an acceptable abbreviation. So on this one I tried typing the 'S instead of Is, but it said that was wrong.

Now I'm confused. Is that a thing or isn't it?


And how did this word become Whisk(e)y? I guess it derives from uisge but not from beatha but I heard once Whisk(e)y would mean "life-water" or something like that.

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