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A list of sentences taught in the Feelings (4th) and Personal Details (5th) Scottish Gaelic skills!

Hi there! I thought I'd make this list as people seem to have found the last two I've made useful/interesting. Glad it's helpful! Here's the links to them if you haven't seen them:

Anyway, on to the list! Hope it helps!


Lesson 1

  • Tha mi snog = I am nice
  • Tha mi sgìth = I am tired
  • Tha thu sgìth = You are tired
  • Tha thu sgoinneil = You are brilliant
  • Tha muc toilichte = A pig is happy
  • Tha Ealasaid gu math = Elizabeth is well
  • Tha Mòrag agus Anndra sgìth = Morag and Andrew are tired
  • Chan eil mi gu math = I am not well
  • Chan eil mi toilichte = I am not happy
  • Chan eil Calum sgìth = Calum is not tired

Lesson 2

  • Tha e brònach = He is sad
  • Chan eil e dona = He is not bad
  • Tha thu ceart gu leòr = You are ok
  • Tha Iain ceart gu leòr = Iain is ok
  • Chan eil mi air bhioran = I am not excited
  • Tha mi gu math a-nis = I am well now
  • Tha mi brònach a-nis = I am sad now
  • Tha e math a-nis = He is good now
  • IRN BRU! Tha mi air bhioran = IRN BRU! I am excited
  • Tha Iseabail agus Iain brònach a-nis = Isabel and Iain are sad now

Lesson 3

  • Tha mi crosta = I am cross
  • Tha mi cho crosta = I am so cross
  • Tha mi spòrsail = I am fun
  • Tha Calum cho mat = Calum is so good
  • Tha mi greannach = I am grumpy
  • Tha e greannach = He is grumpy
  • Tha i mòr = She is big
  • Tha i gu math = She is well
  • Tha thu spòrsail a-nis = You are fun now
  • Chan eil caileag crosta = A girl is not cross
  • Chan eil Iseabail cho mòr = Isabel is not so big

Lesson 4

  • Tha sibh sgìth = You are tired
  • Ciamar a tha e? = How is he?
  • Ciamar a tha sibh athair? = How are you father?
  • Tha Seumas crosta = James is cross
  • Tha mi duilich = I am sorry
  • Gabh mo leisgeul, a charaid! = Excuse me, friend!
  • Tha Anna duilich = Anna is sorry
  • Ciamar a tha sibh Eilidh agus Ealasaid? = How are you, Eilidh and Elizabeth?
  • Tha mi cho duilich = I am so sorry
  • Chan eil Seumas cho greannach = James is not so grumpy
  • Gabh mo leisgeul, Anna! = Excuse me, Anna!

Personal Details

Lesson 1

  • Madainn mhath, cò thusa? = Good morning, who are you?
  • Tha Alba sgoinneil = Scotland is brilliant
  • Is toil leam Seòras = I like George
  • Is mise Calum = I am Calum
  • Tha i à Alba = She is from Scotland
  • Tha thu à Alba = You are from Scotland
  • Tha Màiri brònach = Mairi is sad
  • Tha Màiri sgìth = Mairi is tired
  • Seòras agus bò = George and a cow
  • Tha Iain à Alba = Iain is from Scotland
  • Is mise Anna = I am Anna
  • Chan eil e à Alba = He is not from Scotland
  • Cò thusa? = Who are you?
  • Is toil leam Seòras = I like George

Lesson 2

  • Tha Èirinn beag = Ireland is small
  • Tha mi à Aimearaga = I am from America
  • Chan eil mi à Alba Nuadh = I am not from Nova Scotia
  • Tha Anna à Sasainn = Anna is from England
  • Chan eil Canada beag = Canada is not small
  • Cò às a tha thu Eilidh? = Where are you from Eilidh
  • Tha mi à Sasainn = I am from England
  • Chan eil Sasainn dona = England is not bad
  • Cò às a tha thu? = Where are you from?
  • Seo Canada = This is Canada
  • Tha e à Èirinn = He is from Ireland
  • Chan eil Aimearaga dona = America is not bad

Lesson 3

  • Tha mi à Lunnainn = I am from London
  • Tha Steòrnabhagh cho snog = Stornoway is so nice
  • Tha Inbhir Nis spòrsail = Inverness is fun
  • Chan eil Glaschu beag = Glasgow is not small
  • Tha Dùn Èideann trang = Edinburgh is busy
  • Chan eil Seòras à Lunnainn = George is not from London
  • Chan eil mi à Inbhir Nis = I am not from Inverness
  • Tha Inbhir Nis cho trang = Inverness is so busy
  • Chan eil Anna à Lunnainn = Anna is not from London
  • Chan eil mi à Dùn Èideann. Tha mi à Glaschu = I am not from Edinburgh. I am from Glasgow

Lesson 4

  • Tha Leòdhas mòr = Lewis is big
  • Tha mi à Leòdhas = I am from Lewis
  • Cò sibhse? Seòras agus Iain? = Who are you? George and Iain?
  • Tha Muile sgoinneil = Mull is brilliant
  • Chan eil Barraigh mòr = Barra is not big
  • Tha e à Ìle = He is from Islay
  • Tha mi àlainn = I am lovely
  • Cò às a tha sibh, Anna agus Eilidh? = Where are you from Anna and Eilidh?
  • Chan eil Iseabail à Muile = Isabel is not from Mull
  • Tha Ìle cho àlainn = Islay is so lovely
  • Tha Barraigh àlainn = Barra is lovely
  • Cò às a tha sibh, a thidseir? = Where are you from, teacher?
December 5, 2019



Wow, thanks so much!! This should be an example post for all newcomers.


Will you be adding these to duolingo.fandom.com? It's great to have them! Mòran Taing!


I would do, but the duolingo wikia admin said it's better not to, so I've avoided it for now: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Thread:10174.

Also, it would be a bit hypocritical of me: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Message_Wall:AndyC37

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    Thanks again OllieDuolingo! :)


    Thank you very much Ollie.

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