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  5. "Huch DapoQbe'."

"Huch DapoQbe'."

Translation:You are not going to demand money.

December 6, 2019



I believe the English translation given does not match the Klingon (or at least the English is so close to a set phrase that it will be misunderstood). It means "Someone will not demand money from you" while the Klingon means "You will not require/demand money (from someone else)".

It's more commone for someone to say "You aren't going to need money", which I would translate {Huch DaghajnISbe'} or {Huch DaqemnISbe'}.


I agree. The subject of poQ demands the object of someone. poQ doesn't tell what the subject NEEDS, except in that it's something the subject DEMANDS.

I don't know that I would translate this with ghaj, though that certainly will work. The emphasis is on the lack of a demand for money, not on the lack of a need to possess money. I'd probably go for Huch poQbe'lu' money is not required; one does not demand money.


I agree. I'm thinking that this sentence was not carefully thought out at the time. I have changed "require" to "demand". It makes an unsual sentence requiring an unusual context, but I think the change makes the grammatical English and Klingon sentences closer in meaning. Is it still just too odd? Or do you think there is some teaching value still in the sentence?


This change makes it mean what it's supposed to mean, but what it's supposed to mean is weird. It would be a very contrived situation that generates this sentence.

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