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How does -rt sound in S.Gaelic ?

Does it sound r-ch like "rich" without "i" ?

December 6, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I think what you are hearing is a "sh" sound that appears in 'rt' and 'rd.' It is discussed in this pronunciation guide briefly: https://cuhwc.org.uk/page/unofficial-guide-pronouncing-gaelic

    So the pronunciation becomes like "rsht." I think you will also like this page! It's a map showing that different areas of Scotland pronounce(d) words like "ceart" differently regarding the 'sh' sound.



    The data in the second link was recorded around 70 years ago, often from informants who were themselves very old at the time, sometimes with limited proficiency (due to language shift being very advanced in some areas at the time) and often from dialects which are no longer extant. It was important research, but it's largely historical now and not really representative of the current (more homogenous) linguistic landscape.


    The sound keeps cutting out half way through a lesson. Is this an internet problem at this end or are others experiencing it?


    I have not noticed this personally


    Hi, haven't noticed this coming up as a bug.


    This has been happening to me for at least a year now, and unfortunately the problem affects all of Duolingo, not just this course. Out of curiosity, what operating system and web browser are you using? I'm using Chromium on Linux.


    Typically like an English "–rsht" (similar to "borscht") though in some more southern dialects "–rst" (similar to "thirst").

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