"Lo zoo apre a maggio."

Translation:The zoo opens in May.

April 26, 2013

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I'm still a little confused as to when you use 'di', 'a', or 'in' when it comes to doing something in a month...


Why lo zoo instead of il zoo?


Because it's a masculine noun beginning with z. Other masculine nouns that use lo instead of il are those beginning with s + consonant. The plural for these words is 'Gli' instead of 'i'.

See http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare110a.htm


Thank you that really helped


So, I typed "the zoo is open in May", can someone explain why this is incorrect, please?


Is open would be è aperto, here the apre is a verb in INDICATIVO PRESENTE


why a and not in


Any care to explain the "Lo zoo" and why it isn't il or la? Assuming it's because of the double O in zoo, but not understanding the exception.


The in italian: • for masculine nouns: - l' when noun starts with a vowel - il when noun starts with most of consonants - lo when it starts with z, ps, pn, gn, x, y and s, but after s must be anothen consonant - in plural lo and l' turns into gli, il turns into i • for masculine nouns: - starting with vowel - l' - starting with consonant - la -in plurals - le

Zoo is masculine and starts with "z", so it's "lo zoo". Which is femine and masculine you have to learn, but nouns ending with o/e are masculine, and with a/e femine (not aways).


A maggio ma in ottobre!


It would sound better "A maggio ma ad ottobre!" or "In maggio ma in ottobre!"

Happy Italian e-learning!

:) KK


So Is 'Z' Pronounced 'Dz' And 'Zz' Pronounced 'Ts'?


It's the English that fails me.. foreign native-language problems


Any care to explain the "Lo zoo" and why it isn't il or la? Assuming it's because of the double O in zoo, but not understanding the exception.


I typed in "The zoo is open in May" and it was corrected to "The zoo is opening in May". Can anyone explain why open is not accepted in this sentence, please


• Lo zoo apre a maggio.
......• [ The zoo opens in May. ]

• Lo zoo
......• [ The zoo ]

• apre
......• [ opens ]
......• third-person singular present indicative of aprire

• a maggio.
......• [ in May. ]

It is a very simple and straightforward translation.

Why "The zoo is open in May. "?????

• Lo zoo è aperto a maggio.
......• [ The zoo is open in May. ]

Can you tell us why you want to translate the phrase to "The zoo is open in May. "???

What you are asking is for the explanations for "opens" and "is open", of which you can find out on many platforms. This is e-learning of the Italian language.

Perhaps you could try to put your English translation into a translation tool of your choice and see it for yourself if it translate well.

Hope it goes well with your Italian language e-learning.

:) KK


the zoo opens in may


Was it closed for renovations, or were the animals left alone through winter and spring?


I assume, opens as in open for visitors, the staff was of course there the whole year. And maybe some zoos close for the winter, because most animals are inside, where no one would see them


The male voice is very low register and very difficult to understand. I prefer the female voice. Can this be changed?


what's the difference between 'in maggio' and 'a maggio' and why is 'a' sometimes right and 'in' sometimes right and both sometimes wrong

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