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  5. "I live on the first floor."

"I live on the first floor."

Translation:أَسْكُن في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْأَوَّل.

December 6, 2019



أسكن الطابق الأول Should have been accepted


The sentence أسكن الطابق الأول would mean "I inhabit the first floor"


Is that not just a paraphrase of the question (i.e. why is it not an equally valid answer)?


No because that would mean i live floor 1 but if you add the "fi" it means i live on floor one.


There is a slight difference in the meaning when you omit "في" here. The one in the exercise means "I live in the first floor. (And others might be living there as well)", you translation would meam "i live in the first floor. (and i have it claimed all to myself and no one else can live in the first floor)"


What is meant with "first floor"? In BE the meaning is different from AE!


I wonder this too. Is first floor in Arabic the ground level or the first above the ground level?

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