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"Seall, Iseabail! Chan eil bòtannan ort!"

Translation:Look, Isabel! You do not have boots on!

December 6, 2019



Why isnt is chan eil thu botannan ort?


I agree. Either this app is wrong or Gaelic must be a very confusing language! In all of the examples it is impossible to tell if the speaker is wearing something or if they are saying that somebody else is wearing something!


Chan eil botannan ort: literally something like "there are not boots on you". The thing that's confusing at first is that a single word means "on you". Change "ort" to "orm" and you're talking about yourself.


Definitely, i am going nuts trying to get it correct.


Duo does not seem to like the other very common way of negating. I tried You have no boots on to no effect.


"You haven't any boots on" - should be OK?

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