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  5. "I do not have boots on."

"I do not have boots on."

Translation:Chan eil bòtannan orm.

December 6, 2019



On a windows computer, I keep getting the comment "Pay attention to the accents" However, the usual key combinations to include the accents don't seem to work. The only way I can get them into my responses is to copy and paste from another application. Is there a better way?


I am seeing little tiles with the à è ì ò ù characters below the form for the answers. They're quite faint, but when I click on the tile the accented character appears. I am using Firefox with Windows 10.


My advice is to install the international keyboard, this should be fairly easy to do, then you can make sure you are on it and use various keystroke combinations to include the accents. Here you only need à è ì ù and ò which once the keyboard is installed and active should be the symbol in the top left of the keyboard immediately followed by the vowel you want to accent.


Gee talk about the Scot's being frugal! This course does NOT hand out exceptions for typos as often as the other courses on Duolingo! This is only one example but there have been MANY more. I put "boteanan" instead of botannan. Clearly wrong but I reckon the French course would have let it through!

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