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  5. "Isn't it lovely?"

"Isn't it lovely?"

Translation:Nach eil i àlainn?

December 6, 2019



I guess this is also "Isn't she lovely?" But it got me thinking. Gàidhlig clearly goes with "i" for weather phrases, presumably because "aimsir" is feminine, and that makes sense. Irish seems to go the other way, though. Irish "aimsir" is feminine too, but Irish weather phrases all use the masculine pronoun. "Tá sé fuar inniu" (It is cold today). "Tá sé ag cur fearthainne" (It is raining). I wonder why?


Irish is the opposite of Welsh then! tywydd "weather" is masculine but you use hi "she" to refer to the weather. The reason you use hi in Welsh is because traditionally undefinable things are referred to with the feminine pronoun. You're not actually saying "The weather is snowing" but just "It (undefinable) is snowing". We use the same hi for time even though amser "time" is masculine. (And yes Welsh amser corresponds to Gaelic/Irish aimsir.)


Without further context, yes it could be "she".

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