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  5. "Tha i fuar an-dràsta."

"Tha i fuar an-dràsta."

Translation:It is cold just now.

December 6, 2019



How can I choose between a-nis and an-drasta? Now and just now or right now seem to mean the same thing, except that English can use "right" for emphasis ("Come here right now, young man!") but, oddly, it uses "just" for the immediate past ("He was here just now, but he seems to has disappeared").

"You're right on time!" is positive, and expresses approval. "You're just in time" expresses either, "You've cut it a bit fine" or a neutral "You made it".

  • an-dràsta = at this moment
  • a-nis = "now" contrasting with "then" (usually after something has changed)

right now = an-dràsta fhèin (lit. now itself)


So it would be something like:

Tha e grianach a-nis - it is sunny now, but it was not earlier

Tha e grianach an-dràsta - it is sunny right this second



Is my memory playing tricks, or did we used to spell it 'an-dràsda'?


Yes. That’s how I learned it, back in the dim time (early 1980s).


shouldn't it be "it was cold just now"??


I don’t think so— you’d have to say bha in that case.

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