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"Chan eil IRN BRU à Alba Nuadh."

Translation:IRN BRU is not from Nova Scotia.

December 6, 2019



Is this course sponsored by Irn Bru? And if not, it probably should be!


No... but I heard they were very chuffed about being mentioned in the course, and helped talk up this course a lot. Tney thought it was math gu leòr!


On Duolingo Alba is pronounced "alAba." Everywhere else that I have heard it, it is pronounced without that second "a" sound. Are there variations in pronunciation?


I think alAba is more native gaidlig, where as alba is more English changing the word to make ir easier ;) i think it also depends on where you're from, and who you're listening to.


A tell-tale sign of someone who doesn't actually have the Gaelic is pronouncing it with the L and B together. Anything put out by people who have it will almost always (I've never heard it not, but I can't speak in total absolute) have the helper vowel in there.


Why is ut alba nuadh not alba ur


Each of the Nova Scotia sentences seems to have a drop in audio quality? Not the end of the world, just a bit noticeable.


Why is alba not capitalized but Nuadh is?


Unless they've changed it in the last 6 days (i.e. since you posted), both Alba and Nuadh are capitalised. The original sentence, and the one at the top of this comments page both say: "Chan eil IRN BRU à Alba Nuadh."

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