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  5. "This is Inverness."

"This is Inverness."

Translation:Seo Inbhir Nis.

December 6, 2019



It would be great if you could hear the pronounciation in these questions too!


If it helps it's kind of like this.

Shaw eener neesh


Thanks! Although it'd be nice to have it available on this type of question in general. Don't know if this is a thing about the course or the app though - this is my first Duolingo rodeo :)


There is audio attached to that sentence, but I don't know when it was recorded. It usually takes a few days for new audio to make it from our end to yours, so if it's only recently been recorded, then the sentence might have appeared without it.


The sentence yes, but not in that type of question where you pick one of three complete translations (instead of picking single words). I have never heard audio on one of these.


Yeah, that's a Duolingo thing. It's so that you learn to recognise the correct spellings/grammar without the audio to help :)


That's good on the one hand, but without the ability to repeat specific exercises, I sometimes find myself with words that I'm unsure how to pronounce, because they're either still new or I haven't seen them in a few days and I kind of forgot. Scottish Gaelic also doesn't seem to be the most google-friendly language to search for :D Maybe I just need to start taking notes or something.

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