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  5. "Is toil leam ìm."

"Is toil leam ìm."

Translation:I like butter.

December 6, 2019



Can anyone explain what 'toil' means here? Based on Irish im guessing 'leam' means with me, so would it also be acceptable to say 'Is math leam ím'?


I think certain dialects can use math. Toil is certainly more common.

Toil means pleasure. It's an idiomatic phrase. Essentially "is toil leam" translates to "pleasure is with me". You are basically saying butter gives you pleasure.

It's also why toilichte is a word for happy. Toil is the root of toilichte.


even when I knew what the phrase was I still could not make it out, anyone else find it difficult


I got as far as 'I like but' - and I was marked wrong! I had not delayed, I was still typing. Not the first time I have been cur off mid-phrase


I can't see the gravs, the screen on my phone is too small. Example ìm or im. It stopped my score from being perfect. Not for the first time.

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