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Yay! Got my first Golden Owl :)

Hehe, yes, I pushed it a little faster than is wise, making 2 or 3 mistakes per lesson near the end, but it was just so tantalizingly close. Im going to go back to Spanish and German for a bit, and come back to Gaidhlig in a week, and see how much of it fell out of my head.

I have far away friends who speak German and Spanish, and have already lined up conversations with them when we meet up again in the summer, but I'm hoping to convince at least one friend to learn Gaelic too, so we can talk together and confuse all the rest of them :).

Thanks again to the contributors for making this course possible. I promise not to consume it so fast from here on out :) chi mi a rithist thu.

December 6, 2019



Well done. You're in an exclusive club. According to duome.eu there are only 37 of us at Level 10 or above in Gaelic and 20 Golden Owls. I go back and fore between Italian from French and Gaelic every day.

I'd just hope the contributors don't burn themselves out. It must be difficult to be writing tips and notes and developing a course while people are asking a lot of questions, and you're trying to live your life at the same time. You can all stand proud of your achievements so far.



Thank you! I’m just delighted people are enjoying it. We worked very intensely to get it off the ground but seeing the uptake and interest in the language makes it all worthwhile!


Did I get right that duome.eu only takes learners with a 100+ day streak into account?


@Jerome: I didnt see my name on the list when i went there, but i have only been on duolingo for 65 days (plus like 2 days several years ago), so maybe ill check again after i hit 100 days.


Meal do naidheachd! (Congrats!)



How many days you to took to get to the golden owl ? 2 weeks ? 3 weeks ?

How many hours did you put everyday on the Gaelic tree?

Are all the 34 units at Level 5?

Are you able to retain most of what you have learnt ?


Well, it came out Nov. 26th I believe, so less than 2 weeks, but I dont spend as much time on duolingo now as I did when it was warmer. Why? because i mostly study while sitting on the porch smoking, and now my hands get cold, so i come in sooner.

My weekly stats say i spent 7 hours studying, so about an hour a day.

The golden owl is for all units at level 1. I believe you get a golden tree if they are all at level 5.

I have retained a significant portion of it to here, but, as its only level 1, that is mostly translating from gaelic. As in other languages i have been studying, remembering the spelling is slightly more difficult, I usually only get about 10% of answers with a 'typo' warning. Typing from voice is a step more difficult again, and translation from english into Gaelic, where i have to remember vocabulary, spelling and grammar.... I am not there yet. But, I plan to make the tree gold in the next couple months, while working on my german and spanish trees (and possibly japanese, because a friend is interested in learning that together).


What’s a golden owl?

Me want.


A golden owl is what you get to signify that you have done all the lessons in a language to at least level 1. If the whole thing is at level 5, you get a golden tree. Then I guess you start reading or watching movies in the language to get even better, then chat rooms and actual conversations, if you know anyone else with the language who will forgive a bit of stumbling. Other media may be a bit hard to come by in Gaelic, but there are some that people have posted in other threads.

Now go get that golden owl, guys. You can do it!!!


Hmmm ... I have just completed leve 1 ... 8 lessons. Should this give me an owl of some description? Nothing received and am about to embark on Level 2.

Cheers ... Baldr.


Meal do naidheachd! ( not sure if you learned that yet so early, it means congratulations, i think its literally enjoy your news).

The golden owl is when you get to the end of all the lessons. If achievements matter to you, you also get the 3 star champion achievement on the website, and the level 1 conqueror on the app. presumably that one goes to level 5, when all the lessons in a course are at level 5, when you would also see a golden tree at the end of the course instead of an owl.

Since the contributors to the course are working so hard, and since im spreading my time between a few languages instead of just gaelic, I half expect the golden owl to disappear before i get the tree, if they add more lessons :) I'm good with that though, more to learn!


Cheers Hamish!

I'm learning (& struggling!) with Russian and need to split my time between the two. I wasnt going to do a second language until the Gaelic came up (Scottish on my mother's side) and as it came up early I just went for it.

The streak is my fav to rate myself. XP points are 'ok' but I would rather be consistent & learn as opposed to turning it into a game.

Thabks again for your reply ... have some lingots!



Yes what is a golden owl?

Me want too.


Hello MacHamish. I am Mathias, learning Gaelic here and I am German native speaker. So, if interested.... I do not have Spanish, but Brazilian Portuguese.


Meal do naidheachd! Tha sin iongantach.


Well done fella!!!

Im taking it a little slower but am slowly progressing toward to the Light at the end of the Gaelic tunnel.

two thumbs up



What a great idea to convince a friend to take the course! Thanks for the idea!

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