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  5. "In balneo me lavo."

"In balneo me lavo."

Translation:I wash myself in the bath.

December 6, 2019



For the purposes of these exercises, am I correct in thinking that "bath" is not synonymous with "tub," but rather that "bath" is the place where the "tub" is located?


Yes, from my understanding a balneum is more like a 'bathroom' and a lābrum would be more alike with a 'bathtub'.

But the usage of just 'bath' in these exercises is a little confusing since I have heard both 'bathrooms' and 'bathtubs' referred to as a 'bath'.


Thanks, I wasn't sure if I was misunderstanding something. I thought I was seeing them being used interchangeably when referring to both the vessel and the room.

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