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How to pronounce math

Some of the time I'm hearing ma with the m sound and sometimes va with a v sound. Which is correct?

December 6, 2019



Either, depending upon the situation.

The word in itself is "math", but sometimes grammar happens and it becomes "mhath". This process is called "lenition". There is more than one thing that can cause this, but the two most common here would be:

  • being attributed to a feminine noun, e.g. càr math (masc) / cèic mhath (fem)
  • following the intesifier "glè" ("very"), e.g. glè mhath

[deactivated user]

    That's called lenition. Lenition is a very important part of Gaelic. When it is 'math', it sounds like m. When it is 'mhath', it sounds like v.


    Thank you! I have hearing problems and thought mh was "th" in stead of "v".


    In its normal form math = maH ...

    mhath ( i.e. in lenited form ) sounds like vaH

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