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  5. "Die Jungen essen das Gemüse."

"Die Jungen essen das Gemüse."

Translation:The boys are eating the vegetables.

April 26, 2013

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Why would it be "das Gemüse" instead of "die Gemüse" given that vegetables is plural? Danke


"Meanwhile, German has a general word for "vegetables" that, like English "fruit", is (usually) non-count: das Gemüse. British English has a slang word for "vegetables" that acts the same way: "veg" [rhymes with "edge"]."



... like the English noun "produce".


"Gemüse" is a collective noun in german and therefore doesn't need to be pluarlized in the way it is in english. Same with "Obst". The only time you would say "die Gemüse" would be when you are explaining different types of vegetables


Why plural translation point das? This is a basic material error. A bad example to teach someone who has no German basic. (I have a degree in German so I can spot this kind of poor example for students)


In the sentence above "Das" also can be "that", then i choosed "that" and said I´m wrong!


Same here, anyone care to explain


From what I can tell, "das" means "that" only when using the verb "to be." When an object is following another verb, "dies-" means "this/these," and (strangely) "jen-" means "that/those," and both of these take the case ending of the noun they apply to: e.g. "Ich esse jenen Apfel" = "I eat (am eating) that apple" http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120526134123AANYoxU


Das can mean that in places like... Das ist gut (that is good) or was its das? (What is that?) But when it is beside a noun like das Abendessen it means the dinner


I see sentences including "essen das Gemuese" and "essen Obst". When it is needed to use der/die/das, in other words, when to say "the fruit" instead of "fruit"


I don't have any of the special characters on my keyboard, so I wish Duolingo provided them :/


Duolingo does provide language specific characters on the web version.

On iOS and Android, try pressing and holding "s" for "ß", "a" for "ä", "o" for "ö", and "u" for "ü". If this doesn't work, you need to activate German characters in your keyboard settings or set your keyboard to German. On Android, you can also install an alternative keyboard app that allows you to use different languages without having to switch back and forth.



Why is it die Junge when Junge is masculinum?


Die Jungen = The boys; Der Junge = The boy


Why is it das Gemüse and not den Gemüse?


'den' is accusative form for 'der' only. 'das' in accusative still remains the same 'das' :)


Why is "The boys are eating vegetables." not an acceptable translation?


Die Jungen essen das Gemüse The Boys are eating the vegrtables

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