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  5. "Matunda si ghali"

"Matunda si ghali"

Translation:Fruits are not expensive

December 6, 2019



Why cant I put "the fruit is not expensive?" There is still an implication of plural.


Matunda: fruits, Tunda is fruit-singular.


That's irrelevant. In English, "fruit" is uncountable and singular unless we're discussing different kinds of fruit.

Tunda si ghali. = The (piece of) fruit is not expensive.
Matunda si ghali. = The fruit is not expensive. / The pieces of fruit are not expensive.


Isn’t it the fruit ARE not expensive if it’s plural? The fruit IS not expensive implies that it’s singular.


No, it's not a plural that just happens to lack an "s", it's an uncountable noun, which is grammatically singular regardless of how many actual pieces of fruit it describes. To count fruit and put it in plural, you use "piece" with it. Otherwise it's singular.

(This doesn't apply to different kinds of fruit though. Then you can say fruits, although kinds of fruit is probably more common.)

It's the same as "rice". We say the "rice is cooked," not "the rice are cooked." The noun we use with rice to make it countable is grain (although obviously cup, gram, handful etc. work too).


In England we do not use the word fruits for the plural noun, we use fruit for both singular and plural.

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