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  5. "Seall, tha mo thòn reòite."

"Seall, tha mo thòn reòite."

Translation:Look, my buttocks are frozen.

December 7, 2019



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I had this as a "Select the missing word" question, with the last word missing. The choices were rùisgte, loisgte, reòite and ruaidhte. Without being able to see the buttocks concerned, how are we expected to know whether they are bare, burnt, frozen or reddened? I wasn't sure which reporting option was most appropriate for this problem, so went with "Something else went wrong".


Ah sorry! That shouldn't have been there :)


Note for any mods reading this that I have just discovered that the correct spelling according to GOC is only reòthte or reòthta. News to me but there you go.



I can't tell you how many times I've read through that document over the past seven months, and I'm still finding more words to fix. This is one of those that I really don't understand the logic behind. I'm sure there is one though...

Taing mhòr, a Dhaibhidh, I'll add it to my list :)


The logic is pointed out in BillCassid2's comment here and my subsequent analysis, which there is no need to repeat.

But whether they should actually be reversing changes that have already occurred I am not so sure.

Sometimes I think they are trying to follow the example of l'Académie française, which excelled itself recently by deciding that Covid was feminine (on invalid grounds) after everyone else had decided it was masculine.


They do sometimes have these impossible questions by mistake. What makes this one unusual is that the scenario where all four apply is easy to imagine - you were just warming you cold backside by the fire when an accident occurred and your clothing was destroyed by fire ...


Another helpful phrase when you're visiting Scotland?


“my buttocks IS“ is not grammatically correct English

“my bottom is...“ is accepted
“my buttocks are“ and “my butt is“ should be accepted


Well at least you will be safe from the midges


Seall! Ach na bi a ’coimhead cho faisg.


Although the word loisgte was not yet encountered, I do not see why my buttocks could not be burnt. :)


That's interesting because Joanne's comment from three months ago suggests this problem has been fixed. Obviously it hasn't, so it needs fixed again. (Note the correct Scots grammar in that last sentence.)


Ah, sorry!! I disabled it in Tree 2 but not Tree 1! That should be it gone now :)


Do people actually say this? And then actually look at said buttocks? Or is this purely for our entertainment?

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