"Tha Iain ann."

Translation:Iain is here.

December 7, 2019



what determines whether "tha ... ann" means "there is" or "... is here"?


All the other times "Tha......ann" refers to "there is....." . Only in this case "Tha Iain ann" it refers to "....... is here" . Is that corrrect or are both answers correct?


Literally it translates to "X exists". The translation "there is x" can only be correct in situations where it wouldn't be confused with "Seo X" ("here is x"). The translation "x is here" is always correct but not always the most fitting to English ears.


How do I tell the difference between Iain and eun in the recording? I couldn't tell from the context (especially in a lesson about the weather) and went with eun initially (which is wrong) given that the similar recording was about a cat.

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