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  5. "Tha iad a' togail sgoil."

"Tha iad a' togail sgoil."

Translation:They are building a school.

December 7, 2019



This is the third question where the initial audio is so quiet I have to turn my computer sound way UP to hear it (even then it isn't very loud) -- then the very next word block chosen is really really LOUD. Then I turn my computer audio down. If this were a sentence where I wanted to recheck the initial audio I would have to turn up my computer audio up again. This process is going to get extremely annoying if there are very many audio clips from this speaker!


Hey, we thought these audio clips had been removed by "disabling" them. It turns out disabling means something different to duo engineers than it did to me (it disables specific exercises). We thought we had fixed this, hence we are scrabbling to fix a problem we thought we had removed. We need to run a script to pinpoint disable audio in the 6000+ recordings, but it takes a full day and it crashed last night. Unfortunately these thinks as straightforward as they seem, but trust me we are working on it.


Yeah I noticed this as well


Extremely quiet audio for this one


Thank you! Sounded good for me just now.

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