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  5. "Tha iad a' togail ospadal."

"Tha iad a' togail ospadal."

Translation:They are building a hospital.

December 7, 2019



Fourth or fifth word block question with nearly inaudible initial clip of the sentence. Need to turn computer sound way UP to make a guess. Then word blocks are very very LOUD if computer audio is not turned down. This is an annoying process -- I hope there are not too many more clips that are nearly inaudible like these. I will not make any more discussion comments - because that would be annoying for everybody else. For the rest I will only check one of the report boxes. It seems that all the sentence clips in this group need the volume turned up! Please!


Impossible to catch this sentence! Volume very low and words not clear at all...


first few words inaudible


The first two words are blended into something resembling "high ought" = Tha iad. ha•ee•aht if you stretched it out. Spanish also has lots of phrases that do that when folks become more fluent. I think that's what is happening here. When I switch from keyboard to word blocks it helps.


ok now as of 11 April.


When we say "they are building a hospital" in English, we sometimes don't mean any specific group of people - it can be a different way of saying "a hospital is being built".

Is this the same in Gàidhlig, or does iad always have to have a specific referent?


I am no expert but I would say it can work both ways.

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