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  5. "We are all fine."

"We are all fine."

Translation:Maikaʻi kākou.

December 7, 2019



I put "Maika'i 'o kākou" but the correct answer is "Maika'i nō kākou" :( What is "nō" and "'o" meaning?


Funny. I answered "Maikaʻi mākou" (which makes more sense) and was told I had a typo because the correct answer should be "Maikaʻi kākou." Yeah, I reported it.


Sorry, but what does mākou mean and why does it make more sense? Genuinely asking


I said "mākou" as well - the difference being that "mākou" is exclusive and "kākou" is inclusive. However, since this appears to be the answer to someone's question from outside the group of people who are being talked about, "mākou" makes more sense.


Does Maka'i mean good? In that case, is "Maka'i hea" good day?


I am not sure, but if i'm right good is "pono" and good day would be "la maika'i" Someone correct me if i'm wrong and sorry can't get accents with my laptop.

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