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Learning Gaelic daily - XP

I think to express 50 XP daily = insane is a bit low. Okay I already started some time ago with the BBC ALBA show as it still was on youtube and I also have some books for learning Gaelic with basic language German. For me I am learning well doing at least 120 XP daily. I try to get 150 XP daily, this level would be insane for me. How do you think about this esp. the Scottish people here?

December 7, 2019



Yes I’ve always thought the 50xp daily being labelled “insane” was a bit low - for any language. However those choices by a new user commit them to a daily use of the app or risk losing your streak. They can change it later but the “insane” level does warn a beginner that it may not always be easy to achieve.

If you like to keep your streak then anything above the minimum daily commitment for experience points - 10xp I believe - is actually a little insane in my opinion. When you’re sick, getting married, got an important exam etc etc even 10xp might be a struggle so why commit to more when there’s no actual benefit and many potential drawbacks?


I think that's doable.


I am from far away India. I have completed around 15 or 16 units in almost 10 days. The number of XP varies from day to day though :D

But, I find it quite difficult to stick all these into my "productive mind" :D

I can recognize a lot. But writing and speaking whatever I learnt is still a challenge.


There are books for learning Gaelic from German? Are they good?

Yes, calling 50 XP a day "insane" is a bit absurd. The days when I don't do much more than 100 XP (spread across all my languages though) are lazy days for me. I try to do at least something in all of my active languages each day, but I'm currently limiting it to not too many completed lessons because I hope that some recent changes to duolingo (reduction of level 4 lessons in this case) show up negatively in my statistics (and hopefully in those of others as well) to show that these changes are contraproductive to learning. Otherwise, 120-150 XP for Gaelic sounds like a good goal to me.


Taking my XP in Italian (~59000 XP), At 50 XP per day it would have taken me 3 years if I was concentrating on Italian only. 10 XP per day would have taken me about 16 years (if I was still alive). By that time I would have forgotten a lot of the vocabulary. Yes I agree that 50XP is too little.

Maybe you would get off with 50XP per day for maintaining just one language at 100%, .


Totally agree in terms of actually learning a language. But It’s the Duolingo staff who call 50xp daily insane. And XP is a game construct not a language learning construct. I have seen language learning described in terms of hours needed (something like 9,000 plus, if I remember right, depending on language) But that assumed a variety of quality resources not simply one gamified app. So hours spent Studying do not equate to XP.

Most Duolingo courses are no where near diverse enough yet in what they offer to actually on their own allow someone to learn a language to near fluency level. I think Duolingo has more sense than to imply that XP per day on the app equates to language learning. It just equates to game experience. If we learn enough of a language for it to be useful that’s great. If it inspires us to seek other resources to also spend our language learning time on then that’s the “sane” thing to do.

Personally language ability near fluency levels is only a goal for me in one extra language so I have no problem spending a lot of time gaming languages and picking up “insane“ amounts of XP and enjoying comparing languages. Although I guess if I was saner I’d spend more time on my target language...

Since XP does not equate to language acquisition paying any attention to XP if you want to learn a language is kind of insane. But we all love to play games I guess - I know I do. :)


I don't pay attention to the amount of xp earned. I'd rather make my practice goal in lessons/crowns. If it's a crown with a lot of lessons I might just do one, but if there are only a few I'll do 2 or 3.

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