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"Multi oratores callidi in bibliotheca sunt."

Translation:Many clever orators are in the library.

December 7, 2019



Callidī clever, crafty, cunning, ingenious, sly, wise • from calleō +‎ -idus

Calleō from callum (“hardened skin; callousness”) +‎ -eō, possibly via an older lost adjective *callus (“hard”) (intransitive) callous, thickskinned, hardened, unfeeling. • (transitive) I know (by experience), have knowledge of, understand.


The adjective callid-us -a -um can mean expert. So, "The expert speakers..."


In the library are many clever orators is an alternative way, as valid as the "school solution".


Is this more like the British definition of clever (synonymous with 'smart'), or more like the American definition of clever (synonymous with 'quick witted' or 'ingenious')?

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