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  5. "Tha Ùna a' tuigsinn."

"Tha Ùna a' tuigsinn."

Translation:Una understands.

December 7, 2019



This does not quite work in English. Una understands = Una comprehends. Una is understanding = Una is sympathetic and caring.


Understanding can be used as an adjective rather than a verbal noun, to mean that, aye, which is why I think they have now adopted the simple present as the translation. Bear in mind, though, even in English "Una is understanding" can still mean literally that; E.G. "Una is understanding what it means to be poor, now she has lost her job."


I absolutely agree. They're giving you an uber literal translation rather then correctly translating the meaning of the idiom here.


They do that so that you will understand how the language works


They're giving a correct translation. You not understanding doesn't mean it's incorrect.


Right so which one does this sentence mean?


I assume this is the verb and not the adjective?


Yes, Una understands something.


Does this mean that Una is understanding (the subject matter), or that she is an understanding person, please?


The former, which is why it is the same construction as every other present progressive verb in the course.


I think all these progressive sentences to do with seeing / hearing / understanding / wanting etc. really should be translated to English as non-progressive "I understand / see / hear / want" etc.


Yes, and no. I think in most cases it's fine, because it teaches you what you are really saying, and this kind of idiom is more common in Scottish English, than, say American, at least in the west. It doesn't work with "understanding" because of the specific idiom in English.


Well, apparently these are all translating Gaelic present progressive, and there's a Gaelic simple present yet to be taught; but they've caved now anyway and accept the English simple present, at least for this answer.


Why? The continuous form is correct, the problem is English speakers not understanding English.


I guess the mods have gotten them to change it now? So tuigsinn will translate to "understands" instead of "is understanding" now? Or is it going to be both now? Because I did get used to the old way already

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