"Trì mucan."

Translation:Three pigs.

December 7, 2019



Aha! One and two take singular noun. Three and over take plural? Can't wait to see what happens for 21, 31 etc.


yes. And those numbers have the object placed in the middle of them. Aon chàr fichead would be 21 cars.


Traditionally, though the decimal system taught in schools now will use "fichead 's a h-aon chàr".

Both ways are equally acceptable.


Mòran taing, a charaid.


Tri mucan beag agus an madadh-allaidh mòr dona?

This made me realize that we've never yet seen an example with two adjectives describing the same noun. I'm actually not sure if that's the right way to do it.

(Also, my dictionary doesn't say which of these is more common....) wolf (animal) (noun) (Scottish Gaelic) faol {m}, madadh-allaidh {m}


Your adjective use is correct.

Also am rather than an.

Most common word for a wolf is most probably madadh-allaidh

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