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Sentence count

Where can I find my sentence count? Like the heart count, I was using this for my own reward / motivation system. now both the heart count and the sentence count are gone. could we please have it back, if not in the dashboard, then in the "Immersion" Section. Mostly we do duolingo to learn a language, but part of it is driven by knowing we are contributing through translating the sentences, but now that feeling is diminished if we cannot see what we have done.

April 26, 2013



I can still see my sentence count: http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/557/screenshot64976875.png

Is something different for you?


yeah, Instead of my sentence count next to my word count, it is showing a new graphic (in the shape of a flame) that is my "streak" which I guess tells me how many days in a row that I have used this.
Whilst I understand the psychological advantage of this over a sentence count, and that the screen should not be cluttered, I would still like the sentence count, but maybe in a different place.
When I look at your profile I see a "Streak" Icon instead of a sentence count, thus I guess the functionality has been rolled out to a group of users first.


My sentence count has dissapeared the same way. There is a 0 (zero!) "streak" instead. :-( What a pity! My English words count was set to zero! And I can't access the support, It happens nothing when clicking the button on the left.

Edit: I hardly found a small box on the left bottom that appeared for support, which should appear centered and bigger.


Will we ever see the sentence count again? Is there a way to see it now? I just started translating and want to set myself targets for the number of sentences I translate daily. I can't keep count while translating and the stream is not reliable.

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