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  5. "Cuir miotagan ort."

"Cuir miotagan ort."

Translation:Put gloves on.

December 7, 2019



"Miotagan" is always translated as "gloves", but the word sounds like "mittens" and the picture we have to click on to identify the word is of a pair of fingerless mittens if I recall correctly. Does "miotagan" mean both gloves with fingers and fingerless mittens in Gaelic, or is there actually a different word for mittens?


I'm curious too: does "miotagan" mean both gloves and mittens? (or is that perhaps a distinction we only need here in Canada, where we end up wearing the one or the other for months on end?)


Yep, same word for both :)


Put your gloves on was rejected isn't it more logical as putting on any kind of gloves?

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